• Customer journey and touchpoint management:
    End-to-end along the entire customer journey, online and offline
  • Omnichannel strategy:
    The optimal mix for marketing, sales, communication and services
  • Target group profiles and market segmentation:
    Understand everything about your (potential) customers in the omnichannel world
  • ROI maximization:
    Impact-oriented budget allocation for strategy and campaign planning
  • Digital transformation:
    Market- and customer-centric business development


The unique view of your (potential) customers provided by 360°CUSTOMERPROFILER supports you at every stage of the marketing process. Read more.

Segmentierung Personas 360Customerprofiler


How we assisted ŠKODA to optimise its marketing communication and sales and dealer networks and thus ŠKODA was able to enjoy success despite reduced budgets. Case study.



Our clients range from mid-sized companies to multinationals, in the Fortune Global 500 and the public sector – local and international, B2C and B2B: Industries and portfolio.





Successful Marketing in a Digital World: Research Series.



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Accelerom is a research and consultancy firm based in Zurich, and the pioneer of comprehensive touchpoint management. We’ve been assisting our nationally and internationally operating clients in the B2B and B2C omnichannel world for over a decade.

We provide practical assistance for the digital transformation, so that you gain: 

  • Transparency on the impact of all your activities in marketing, sales, communication and service
  • A proven basis for managing the design of your customer experience: end-to-end along the entire customer journey, both online and offline
  • The most effective and efficient marketing mix: for new client acquisition as well as customer relationship management
  • Target group profiles and market segmentation: a comprehensive understanding of your (potential) customers in the omnichannel world
  • Certainty when investing: impact-oriented budget allocation both now and for the future
  • Advice and implementation support: from strategy development to realising concrete individual activities

Our research-based management consulting lets you achieve:

  • Up to 30% more performance
  • Reduced complexity within your firm
  • Targeted promotion and control of digitalisation

How we support you:

  • We combine intelligent insights with highly innovative analytical technologies and years of management expertise to help you take secure marketing decisions as you navigate the digital transformation. With a constant focus on achieving the highest levels of effectiveness and efficiency.
  • We work with scientifically validated research and analysis methods that provide a comprehensive understanding of how people think and act in today’s omnichannel world.
  • Using state-of-the-art analytics we identify the key levers for strategy and activities across all online and offline channels.
  • Our high-performance, cloud-based SMARTnavigator intelligence platform lets us help you to translate knowledge quickly and easily into your daily activities.