Unlock market potential with the 360°CATEGORYtracker

What questions can we answer?

Our 360°CATEGORYtracker answers all your questions on the topic of category management:

  • What is particularly important to shoppers when purchasing within a category?
  • What projects are shopper groups planning?
  • What projects have they completed?
  • What are the trends and potential in the category?
  • Where is the competition?
  • What are the key touchpoints along the shopper journey?

Business impact

The 360°CATEGORYtracker…

  • Identifies the relevant shopper groups in the category and enables category management measures to be tailored to the actual needs of these shoppers (“shopper-centricity”).
  • Offers a factual basis for category definition based on shopper insights.
  • Lets you address shopper groups at the touchpoints they actually use, which systematically reduces marketing wastage.
  • Provides a robust basis for decision-making for the category plan, thus increasing planning reliability and enabling additional sales.