Put a face to your customers with the 360°CUSTOMERprofiler

What questions can we answer?

Our 360°CUSTOMERprofiler answers all your questions on the topic of customer segmentation:

  • What target groups are in the market?
  • How important are the various target groups?
  • What are the characteristics of these target groups?
  • What do the target group-specific customer journeys look like?
  • What content is relevant for the different target groups?

Business impact

The 360°CUSTOMERprofiler…

  • Identifies and validates the relevant target groups in the market and thus enables you to tailor your activities to the actual needs of your customers (“customer-centricity”).
  • Delivers a data-based management tool for marketing.
  • Lets you address the different target groups at the touchpoints they actually use, thus reducing wastage.
  • Supplies the basis for optimal target group-specific touchpoint mixes.