Optimise your marketing quickly and easily with the 360°JOURNEYcheck

What questions can we answer?

Our 360°JOURNEYcheck answers your questions about touchpoints, the customer journey, and marketing:

  • What is the actual customer journey of our customers?
  • What are the relevant touchpoints along the customer journey?
  • What is the optimal mix for for gaining and keeping customers, as well as for customer use?
  • What are the pleasure- and pain points along the customer journey?

Business impact

The 360°JOURNEYcheck…

  • Enables fast and simple evaluation of touchpoints beyond your own ecosystem, which lets you prioritise touchpoints.
  • Creates impact transparency on all activities involved in interactions and communication with customers. This reduces wastage and ensures the efficient and effective use of resources.
  • Offers a factual and robust basis for decisions on touchpoint management.
  • Enables rapid implementation into practice thanks to a lean project structure.
  • Helps to optimise customer processes and thus improve the customer experience