Comprehensively optimise your marketing with 360°Touchpoint analysis

What questions can we answer?

Our 360°Touchpoint analysis reveals in full what actually makes an impression on customers and non-customers, and thus provides a solid decision-making basis for strategic and operational questions about marketing. 

  • What touchpoints (online / offline) perform best with your customers in direct comparisons?
  • Via which touchpoints do (new) customers come into contact with your brand?
  • Which touchpoints and contents are particularly important for which target groups?
  • How are you perceived at touchpoints compared with your competitors? What are the pain- and pleasure points?
  • What is your optimal touchpoint mix for marketing by target group?

Business impact

360°Touchpoint analysis…

  • Measures the performance of all touchpoints (analogue and digital) and thus offers a robust decision-making basis for marketing.
  • Identifies those touchpoints that really have an impact on your customers.
  • Allows you to look beyond your own four walls and evaluate new and innovative touchpoints that are not yet being used.
  • Enables comprehensive marketing performance management and impact-oriented budget allocation.