Achieve maximum marketing impact with the BUDGEToptimizer

What questions can we answer?

Our BUDGEToptimizer answers your questions about budget allocation:

  • Which are the activities with the best cost-benefit ratio? How often should be use them (frequency)?
  • How can we allocate budgets most efficiently to the various touchpoints in order to maximise their impact?
  • How much budget should we allocate to online touchpoints, and how much to offline touchpoints?
  • Where is there potential for savings?

Business impact

The 360°BUDGEToptimizier…

  • Is a data-based management tool that ensures objective discussions on budget allocation.
  • Enables target group-based allocation of resources to the most impactful touchpoints.
  • Shows where your budget can be most efficiently used despite operational restrictions.
  • Helps you to maximise the ROI of your marketing activities.