• What you can do against 70 percent scatter loss

    Posted by Christoph Spengler on 12.02.2020

    If the latest studies are to be believed, firms are currently experiencing marketing scatter loss of around 70%. A huge and very expensive amount that nobody wants. What can be done about it?

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  • “Smart simplification” for more market success

    Posted by Christoph Spengler on 28.08.2019

    Simplicity is a highly underestimated success factor. Companies can quickly find themselves managing 200 touchpoints along the customer journey. The result of this rampant complexity: up to 70 percent scatter loss. But through intelligent pruning and more focus, complexity can be overcome while simultaneously achieving measurably greater market success. This article describes what lies behind the idea of “smart simplification”.

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  • Turning the customer journey into a service paradise

    Posted by Christoph Spengler on 07.02.2019

    In a world where products and services are increasingly similar, service offerings have become key differentiators. Digitalisation is shaking everything up. This article shows one way to optimise the range of services offered by your company.

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  • Successful complexity management along the customer journey

    Posted by Christoph Spengler on 10.01.2019

    Managers describe growing complexity as a major obstacle to successful market development. Read on to see how to deal systematically with complexity.

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