Christoph Spengler

Posted by Maintenance on 30.04.2018

Christoph Spengler’s core competencies include management, marketing, sales and corporate development. He worked for fifteen years in various sectors of the consumer goods, retail and financial services industries, during which time he gained comprehensive experience with international corporations.

Christoph Spengler began his career in classical consumer goods marketing. He spent his first eight years with Unilever Switzerland, where he was Business Unit Director and member of management with responsibility for the whole of the drinks sector in Switzerland. He then moved to McDonald´s, where he was a member of management for four years as Head of the marketing department. His profound knowledge of corporate development is based on his time as a director at PricewaterhouseCoopers. His activities also included management of various international projects in the areas of finance and industry.

Christoph Spengler holds a diploma in business economics and marketing from the HWV Zurich.

He speaks German, English and French.


Energistically strategize team driven ideas whereas synergistic markets. Holisticly foster focused ideas and exceptional web services. Rapidiously deliver competitive infrastructures vis-a-vis web-enabled growth strategies. Progressively coordinate emerging convergence via goal-oriented interfaces. Quickly productize performance based users through focused strategic theme areas.