Elektro-Material anchors customer orientation within the organisation

Elektro-Material AG

The wholesale electricity market leader drives digitalisation focused on its customers

Elektro-Material AG, known as EM, offers over 250,000 items and a comprehensive service range that deliver the broadest complete service package from a single provider in the electrical installation branch. This e-commerce innovator has already won many awards.

EM’s B2B customers are as varied in their wishes and behaviour as the company’s product range. A uniform customer image is one of the most important requirements for delivering an outstanding customer experience. In order to anchor customer orientation across every department in the company, the goal was to align the entire organisation with selected customer types.

Accelerom helped Elektro-Material to develop and introduce data-based segmentation, giving customers a precise face and creating separate target groups. This has helped EM with market-oriented corporate management, which in turn influences areas including offering- and product design, innovation, brand experience, service design, and even training. A sharp, rock-solid picture of the customer is making a significant contribution to success in the market.