The SBB tracks each stage of the customer journey

Swiss Railways, known as the SBB, is a pioneer in systematic customer touchpoint management. It recognized the importance of this years ago, and anchored it right across the organisation. Accelerom is proud to have provided analysis and expertise to the SBB right from the start.

Striving to continuously improve customer interactions in a highly complex and dynamic environment is no easy task. Particularly when these are judged in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. Numerous touchpoints and several hundred marketing activities each year can make it hard to see the wood for the trees. No wonder that the country’s largest transport company is deeply interested in the customer journeys of its passengers.

Complexity management within organisations only works when simplicity is used as a key to success. Knowledge about the most important off- and online-touchpoints allows the SBB to make its customers‘ journeys easier and increase customer satisfaction. Thanks to the algorithm-based solution, the SBB can now even better communicate the right content in the right place for each customer segment. Scatter loss is minimized and marketing efficiency increased. Effective and measurable marketing is now literally on track.

“Delivering relevant content to our customers at the right time via the most suitable channels or touchpoints is one of our key marketing challenges. The results from 360°Touchpoint help us to strengthen our customer focus in a fact-based manner, increase efficiency, and move from complexity to simplicity.”
Reto Meissner
Head of marketing communication, SBB passenger transport division