For clear prioritisation in the dealer network
Discover which touchpoints offer savings potential


Successful marketing despite budget cuts at Škoda

Accelerom supported Škoda, the long-established Czech brand, through the “franc shock” at the start of 2015. From one day to the next the company in Switzerland was faced with significant currency-based reductions to its sales and marketing budgets. Using 360°Touchpoint analysis, the touchpoint algorithm showed which touchpoints needed to be maintained at all costs, and which offered potential for savings. Markus Kohler, Head of branding at ŠKODA Switzerland: "The results help us to clearly prioritise all our activities in our sales and dealer network, as we understand our customers better and can make a targeted response to their needs."

That year Škoda broke two records: over 20,000 vehicles were sold for the first time, and with the Octavia, the Czechs had the second-most-sold car in Switzerland.

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