Find your optimal omnichannel strategy with the SCENARIOengine

What questions can we answer?

Our SCENARIOengine answers your questions about marketing strategies:

  • What is the optimal touchpoint mix in the various marketing phases?
  • Which touchpoint mix is right for winning new customers? Which for optimising the customer experience? And which for increasing loyalty?
  • What touchpoint mix is best for reaching a particular target group?
  • Do innovative touchpoints really improve marketing?

Business impact

The SCENARIOengine…

  • Gives you confidence in your decision-making, e.g. for digitalisation or campaign planning.
  • Enables fact-based marketing performance management (marketing, sales, services) instead of costly “trial and error” experiments.
  • Ensures objective discussions within your company about the right communication channels. Based on knowledge, not beliefs.
  • Lets you calculate the optimal touchpoint mixes to achieve greater customer-centricity and a better customer experience.

SMARTnavigator and mix optimization