We deliver data-driven strategies and reliable information for decision-making. Comprehensive, interconnected, and measurable.

Our expertise helps you improve your business performance, increase customer-centricity, and systematically shape your digitalisation.

Accelerom’s performance management methods and analyses have proven themselves for over 15 years in more than 50 countries. We help our clients achieve performance increases of up to 30%.

Touchpoint analysis

Comprehensively optimise your marketing with 360°Touchpoint analysis
360°Touchpoint analysis uses surveys to systematically measure how existing and potential customers use up to 100 touchpoints. The analysis covers touchpoints already managed by your company, touchpoints used by competitors, as well as new and innovative touchpoints.
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Customer journey validation

Optimise your marketing quickly and easily with the 360°JOURNEYcheck
The 360°JOURNEYcheck measures which touchpoints your customers really come into contact with along the customer journey. The 360°JOURNEYcheck is unique in enabling our clients to validate their customers’ customer journeys simply and quickly.
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Shopper insights

Unlock market potential with the 360°CATEGORYtracker
The 360°CATEGORYtracker generates new, highly relevant shopper insights that improve shopper-centricity in category management. Our 360°CATEGORYtracker provides insights into what is important to the key shopper groups in the category, and which touchpoints various shopper groups actually have contact with.
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Market and customer segmentation

Put a face to your customers with the 360°CUSTOMERprofiler
The 360°CUSTOMERprofiler provides data-driven customer segmentation that delivers reliable insights into your customers. It reveals which are the most attractive target groups, what makes them special, and how they differ. Customer segmentation can be directly combined with the target group-specific customer journey.
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Mix modelling

Find your optimal omnichannel strategy with the SCENARIOengine
The SCENARIOengine lets you plan your marketing strategies with the help of algorithms. Instead of costly experiments and lengthy discussions, the SCENARIOengine allows you to calculate different scenarios with just a few clicks. Ensuring, among other things, the fact-based development of digitalisation and marketing strategies.
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Impact-oriented budget allocation

Achieve maximum marketing impact with the BUDGEToptimizer
The BUDGEToptimizer uses algorithms that show you how to make the most effective use of your budget and maximise your return-on-investment. Now you can simplify the planning of your marketing budget and activities, and make the best use of your resources. We’ll show you how to achieve more market impact with your budget – and even where you can save costs.
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