Optimize the touchpoint mix

Up to 30% more ROI

Customer segmentation

Give your customers a face

Budget allocation

Planning made easy

More than just words

Anchor customer orientation in your firm

Putting your customers at the centre of everything you do is your top priority – but are you really confident you know where to begin? We’ll give your customers a face based on real data, so that “customer centricity” can finally move from buzzword to reality. Get to know your (future) customers using customer segmentation - and discover which touchpoints will reach them.

Are you wondering if you’re using the right touchpoints for your marketing? Our 360°Touchpoint® method measures the key combination of touchpoints important to your customers in the various phases of the customer journey. Based on this data and our algorithms we determine your optimal touchpoint strategy, and give you the decision-making security you need, e.g. for campaign planning or digitalisation.

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SBB optimizes the customer journey

Spending Effectiveness

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Campaign tracking at Jumbo

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Simplify the planning of your marketing budget and activities - and use your budget to best effect. We’ll show you how to achieve more impact on the market with your budget – or how you can make savings.

Is your positive customer experience getting talked about? We’ll help you stand out from the crowd through strong brand positioning. Delight and inspire your customers to buy from you with the right offers and experiences. We’ll help you present your brand in its true colours through a differentiated customer experience.


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