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Over the past few years, more and more new tasks have been packed into marketing budgets. The result: lots of small budget positions for activities that very often remain unnoticed by both existing and potential customers. At the same time, the arrival of numerous innovative customer touchpoints like apps and portals are changing consumers’ information-seeking and purchasing behaviour.

Our data-supported 360°Touchpoint analysis lets us combine all the relevant offline and online touchpoints and use algorithms to identify your optimal multichannel strategy. These core customer touchpoints must be supported by sufficient budget to reliably reach your customers. The BUDGEToptimizer is a campaign planning tool that helps you distribute your budget by specific target group to those touchpoints with the greatest impact.

Develop your strategies using the algorithm directly in the BUDGEToptimizer and find the answers to your questions about touchpoints and budget allocation:

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Budget allocation

How to allocate sufficient budget for maximum impact

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How to use your budget efficiently despite operational restrictions

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How to ensure activity frequency with the best cost-benefit ratio

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How to maximise your ROI and identify savings potential

What our clients say

"The results help us to clearly prioritise all our activities in our sales and dealer network, as we understand our customers better and can make a targeted response to their needs."
Markus Kohler
Brand manager ŠKODA Switzerland

Successful marketing despite budget cuts at Škoda

Accelerom supported Škoda, the long-established Czech brand, through the “franc shock” at the start of 2015. From one day to the next the company in Switzerland was faced with significant, currency-based reductions to its sales and marketing budgets. Using 360°Touchpoint analysis, the touchpoint algorithm showed which touchpoints needed to be maintained at all costs, and which offered potential for savings. Read the full case study here.


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