Customer segmentation

Making customer orientation part of the marketing strategy

Customer orientation (or customer centricity) is intrinsic to modern management. Everyone agrees on this. But due to silo thinking a uniform understanding of an organisation’s customers is often missing. This is why what should be a simple question: “Who are our customers?” can’t always be answered with ease. We understand customer segmentation – also known as personas – as a well-proven, core management tool for marketing.

No need for each department to reinvent the customer

Customer segmentation using data via cluster analysis gives you reliable information about your customers in both the B2C and B2B sectors. It shows you which are the most attractive target groups, who they are, and how they differ from each other. And this is just the start. Thanks to Accelerom’s algorithms, customer segmentation can be directly combined with the target group-specific customer journey and the optimal media mix associated with this. Giving you the key to successful marketing.

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Based on data

The days of fictional personas and endless workshops are gone: now you can get an empirically validated picture of your target groups or personas based on real customer data.

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Find out which touchpoints to use to address your target groups and personas along the customer journey thanks to seeing them in combination via 360°Touchpoint.

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Easy to understand

Our clear customer profiles let you share knowledge about your target groups in an attractive way within your company, helping you to create a uniform understanding of your customers.

Those who think and play differently, shop differently: target group communication at Intersport Germany

The ambitious team at Intersport Germany took on the challenge of optimizing their marketing through focusing on target groups. The goal: targeted, customized campaigns for special customer segments, with an optimized touchpoint mix for each segment, and naturally also the right products. Accelerom played its part by offering market segmentation and the results of a 360°Touchpoint analysis.

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From A like active bargain-hunter to Z like Zweifel fan: target group marketing at Zweifel

It’s hard to resist the rustle of a bag of potato crisps. But types of snack buyers are almost as diverse as the current offering of snacks on the shelves. Even a long-established brand like Zweifel must fight to maintain its market leadership against both foreign competition and retailers’ and discounters’ own brands. One way Switzerland’s snack pioneer does this is through customized target group communication at key touchpoints along the customer journey. The main differentiators between the target groups turn out to be purchase criteria and the need for information: whereas some snack buyers look for novelty, others want healthy ingredients. Based on the market segmentation target group profiles, communication about the various products can now be much better aligned with customers’ different needs.


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