Optimized customer touchpoint management

Right across your services, communication, marketing and sales, we’ll show you which customer touchpoints in the different phases of the customer journey really count. Drawing on intelligent algorithms and data from 360°Touchpoint analysis, we use our Scenario Engine to calculate the optimal touchpoint mix for your multichannel and omnichannel strategies. The mixes are aimed at your target groups and their individual customer journeys – for existing customers and those of tomorrow, both B2B and B2C.

Knowledge instead of belief

An empirical database gives you greater marketing effectiveness and efficiency, ensuring optimal coverage of the customer journey. So you can reduce complexity without losing impact. The data can be used in many different areas. Whether for your digitalisation strategy or campaign planning, optimal mixes create greater customer centricity and a better customer experience.

The easy-to-read dashboards in our SMARTnavigator tool allow you to share the results quickly and simply. So it’s easier to convince others and overcome silo thinking in your organisation. The fact-based results of mix optimization mean you can have the greatest possible confidence in your decisions. Tedious discussions about the right communication channels now belong in the past, giving you more time to get on with what really matters.

What our clients say

"The results help us to clearly prioritise all our activities in our sales and dealer network, as we understand our customers better and can make a targeted response to their needs."
Markus Kohler
Brand manager ŠKODA Switzerland
“The tool helps us not only with planning, but also with thinking out of the box and checking our strategies and campaigns.”
Andrys Aardema
Head of marketing, Rivella AG

Successful marketing despite budget cuts at Škoda

Accelerom supported Škoda, the long-established Czech brand, through the “franc shock” at the start of 2015. From one day to the next the company in Switzerland was faced with significant, currency-based reductions to its sales and marketing budgets. Using 360°Touchpoint analysis, the touchpoint algorithm showed which touchpoints needed to be maintained at all costs, and which offered potential for savings. Read the full case study here.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the best mix of them all?

Successful soft drink brands like Swiss national drink Rivella have to stay constantly alert as they accompany their target groups day-in-day-out in very different purchasing and consumption situations: at a shop, a local takeaway, a barbecue, or at sports events. Staying close to their customers is vital for success. This is why Rivella asked Accelerom to help with target group marketing: defining the most powerful touchpoint mixes for each of the firm’s two main target groups, as well as for different strategic goals, e.g. increased purchasing frequency by existing customers. Read the full case study here.

Zweifel fans and budget buyers: target group marketing at Zweifel

It’s hard to resist the rustle of a bag of potato crisps. But types of snack buyers are almost as diverse as the current offering of snacks on the shelves. Even a long-established brand like Zweifel must fight to maintain its market leadership against both foreign competition and retailers’ and discounters’ own brands. One way Switzerland’s snack pioneer does this is through customized target group communication at key touchpoints along the customer journey. The main differentiators between the target groups turn out to be purchase criteria and the need for information: whereas some snack buyers look for novelty, others want healthy ingredients. Based on the market segmentation target group profiles, communication about the various products can now be much better aligned with customers’ different needs.


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