The knowlege advantage – data-based decision-making in uncertain times

Posted by Accelerom Team on 03.04.2020

The current coronavirus crisis is turning many aspects of marketing, including sales, marketing, communication and services, upside down. Just think of the many shops that are now closed, and the events that have had to be cancelled. Or our own situation as we work from our home offices, spend very limited amounts of time in public places, order on the internet whenever possible, and get the latest news on our smartphones.

These significant social and economic changes are having a significant impact on customer segmentation; information and purchasing behaviour; the reach and relevance of touchpoints; and key communication content. Unfortunately, however, there is a lack of consistent data and information on the current situation, which could serve as the basis for decision-making in order to operate more effectively in the market. This makes comprehensive marketing management almost impossible. The result is costly, poor decisions and lost opportunities.

For most people, the current situation is like fishing in muddy waters, making it impossible to take urgently needed decisions correctly, and thus secure a successful future return to the market.

«The knowledge advantage» is an independent entrepreneurial initiative by Accelerom AG, through which our specialists will share our most important research findings in short technical articles on a regular basis.

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