Accelerom company portrait

Accelerom is an international consultancy and research firm that helps medium-sized and multinational companies in multiple industries achieve greater success for their B2C and B2B omnichannel marketing.

We support our clients all the way from analysis, to decision-making, to bringing strategies and campaigns to life. Accelerom’s approach is always driven by the perspective of the client and his or her customer journey. Our solutions for marketing, sales, communication and services are consistently comprehensive, continuously measurable, and uniformly focused on impact and efficiency.


Proven in practice – move directly and successfully to your goal

Our methods and tools for marketing success have proved themselves for over ten years in more than 50 countries, with performance increases of up to 30%.

Recognized for innovation – fast and precise answers to every question

Accelerom’s unique, algorithm-based analysis modules for optimising the multichannel marketing mix, market and client segmentation, and impact-oriented budget allocation, have been developed with partners from the worlds of science and business through research initiatives of the Federal Commission for Technology and Innovation.

Scientifically validated – delivering solid decisions for the digital world

Our 360°Touchpoint methodology has been scientifically validated by the IPMZ (Institute of Mass Communication and Media Research) at the University of Zurich.