Why Accelerom

We’ll support you on your journey towards a customer-centric, omnichannel touchpoint strategy. Practical. Scientifically validated. Recognized for innovation.

  • Customer-centricity beyond the mindset. Validated.
    We don't just think about the customer, but measure, link and optimise every possible interaction.
  • Less complexity and wastage. Measurable.
    70% wastage is a reality. Our intelligent customer journey analytics provide a remedy and lead to greater success.
  • 30% higher performance. Scalable.
    Customer projects prove that there’s substantial potential for success to be tapped.
  • Looking further. Holistic.
    We measure journeys holistically across the ecosystem. With up to 100 digital and analogue touchpoints.
  • Networked measurement and optimisation. Impact-transparent.
    Our intelligent algorithms find the verifiably best solution for your marketing.
  • Focused on the right touchpoints. Effectively.
    Our smart algorithms identify the truly relevant touchpoints.
  • Setting out for new shores. Reliable decision-making.
    The reliable decision-making basis for your strategies and campaigns that reduces your risk.
  • Experiences for satisfied customers. For each touchpoint.
    We identify pain and pleasure points at all touchpoints along the customer journey. So you can start at the right place.
  • Mix modelling without open questions. Comparable.
    We calculate different strategies for marketing, communication, sales and service. Simulations let you evaluate every conceivable scenario.
  • New strategies and campaigns. Efficiently.
    Blowpipe instead of watering can. For a targeted approach to your (potential) customers, our algorithms link touchpoints and content.
  • Bringing insights down to earth. Interdisciplinary.
    We also get involved in implementation and taking new paths with you.
  • Simply log on for new insights. Continuously.
    With us, it’s nothing less than software-as-a-service. Intuitive and without lengthy training sessions.

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