• The customer journey is a matter for the boss

    Posted by Christoph Spengler on 17.07.2018

    Customer journey management has become a strategic management task in recent years, so it’s a matter for the boss. Used correctly in the context of digitalization, customer journey management can achieve substantial increases in efficiency.

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  • Get to grips with reach

    Posted by Christoph Spengler on 06.06.2018

    The quantitative performance indicator “reach” is always included as a factor in media planning. And so far, reach has steadfastly endured, despite the upheavals of digitalization. But in the omnichannel world, is reach (still) fit for use when it comes to managing paid media? Here are some ideas based on our experience – with tips from media research.

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  • 300 specialists against one algorithm: who won?

    Posted by Christoph Spengler on 27.04.2018

    300 students at Masters level in Germany and Switzerland played with a case study against an algorithm-generated solution. Human or machine, who can develop the best integrated marketing strategies and campaigns?

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  • If you kick differently, you shop differently

    Posted by Bianca Oehl on 02.02.2018

    INTERSPORT Germany is adapting campaigns to new customer segments based on real data – each with a specific touchpoint mix and appropriate products along the individual customer journeys.

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