• Turning the customer journey into a service paradise

    Posted by Christoph Spengler on 07.02.2019

    In a world where products and services are increasingly similar, service offerings have become key differentiators. Digitalisation is shaking everything up. This article shows one way to optimise the range of services offered by your company.

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  • Successful complexity management along the customer journey

    Posted by Christoph Spengler on 10.01.2019

    Managers describe growing complexity as a major obstacle to successful market development. Read on to see how to deal systematically with complexity.

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  • The effective strategy against scatter loss

    Posted by Christoph Spengler on 23.11.2018

    Almost every company today is feeling the effects of ongoing digitalization. In marketing, this is leading to everincreasing scatter loss. The following article explains how to counteract this.

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  • The customer journey is a matter for the boss

    Posted by Christoph Spengler on 17.07.2018

    Customer journey management has become a strategic management task in recent years, so it’s a matter for the boss. Used correctly in the context of digitalization, customer journey management can achieve substantial increases in efficiency.

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